Dean Kropp MC/ Producer

It’s the dilemma that faces each and every one of us; what should we do with ourselves after high school. Most of us move on to college and many of us don’t have any of those plans.
Dean Kropp was of the latter until his father came home from work one day and said, “They are hiring cooks at the local restaurant, go down and apply.”
After a year of cooking, his mother said, “Since you like cooking so much, why don’t you go to culinary school at Joliet. They have a two-year program with European chefs doing all of the teaching. Kurt is going there and he likes it.”

Kropp found his calling for at least the first half of his life. He would go on to become a pastry chef and a catering chef for some of the biggest names in the business, George Jewel Catering in Chicago and Coca Cola Catering in Memphis.

The catering experience would come in quite handy. Kropp would some how find his way into two positions when he worked in hotels. The first was the Executive Sous Chef working right under the chef, and the second was the Executive Pastry Chef position.

Kropp was the catering chef to a large batch of movie stars including the legendary James Earl Jones and Dave Thomas of Wendy’s all the way to Demi Moore and Hulk Hogan, to name just a few.

Then, as fate would have it, multiple car accidents pushed Kropp out of his career as a chef.
He would now navigate his way through the “No-Fault” system where he would experience the art of getting sued and audited by the IRS simultaneously. Having to figure out his soft tissue injuries wasn’t any fun either. Kropp would have to direct himself relying on his prowess to get through the ensuing storms of pain and deceit.
What would his future hold now for the second half of his life? If there is only one thing to learn from all of this, it’s that nothing in life is guaranteed, even if it’s written in black and white in a car insurance contract. Little did he know Kropp’s stint of dealing with health
issues wasn’t over.

Kropp would finish up this twelve year journey by beating colon cancer in August of 2010, surgery performed by Dr. Daniel Hunt, Cornell Medical Center and New York Downtown Hospital.

Kropp was violently torn from his sleep in early of January 2012. He had stopped breathing and he was forced to pound his chest in order to wake up and start breathing again. Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea performed by Dr. Thomas M. Kilkenny of Staten Island Pulmonary Associates.



Kropp wrapped up 2012 by beating Venous Disease. He was at Dr. Steve’s getting his wrists decompressed when the doctor noticed the heavy bruising in Kropp’s lower legs.

“You better get that taken care of as soon as possible, otherwise you will really have some problems with your legs and feet,” Dr. Steve remarked.

What a mess that would have been if Kropp had not taken heed of the situation.
Receiving the recommendation from his primary care physician, Dr. E. Barry Gordon, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Kropp commandeered the name of a vascular surgeon located on Staten Island. Dr. Stuart Pomper would perform laser surgery right in the office in order to get Kropp’s legs back to standing again. Venous Disease occurs when the blood goes down the legs and does not return back up to the heart.

Kropp now relies on his writing to get his voice heard. He produces the Big Apple Chapter Chefs Association monthly newsletter right here in New York City, which helps him promote the culinary arts and what’s happening with chefs around the world.


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